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Kind Words

I’m lucky to work with some pretty amazing people, who also happen to like my photography and me. Since cool people beget cool people and I run a referral based business there’s a lot of awesome in my life! Thanks to all of my amazing clients and supporters. I wouldn’t be here without you.


Thanks so much for the awesome engagement shoot Thursday. I had way more fun than I thought I would and you made it totally painless for both of us. I sooo appreciate it and Matt definitely does too (and also says thanks for the shot). Can’t wait to see the photos, but in the meantime, thanks for a great day. Things have been rather hectic and stressful for us lately and that was just an awesome, much needed break from all the madness.
Erin & Matt

Dear Kristy,
I just wanted to thank you SO much for the photos.  They arrived yesterday and my boyfriend Mike and I love them.  I had originally intended to surprise him with the pictures when they came, but when you sent me your email, I just had to share it with him.  I loved what you wrote, and there was nothing creepy about it.  🙂    I actually had the same reaction to the picture, which is why I had to order it, and more than one at that.  You captured a moment between me and the man I will marry someday, and it was evident in that picture.  I didn’t even know our picture was being taken, to be honest.

I just wanted to thank you again.  We’re thrilled with them.  I have one at work, and one displayed in our home.  I loved the personal message you sent to me, and your work speaks for itself.  You truly captured the spirit of the day.
Warm Regards,
Amanda H


Hi Kristy,

I was the officiant at dear Amanda and Joe F’s wedding and I just looked through your photo’s, they are not photos they are pieces of art.  Your shots were jaw dropping.  You truly captured the moment and all feeling involved. And you were so sweet!!!!!!

Fondest regards,
Janis G.


These are AMAZING, we cant stop watching the slide show!! Thank you so much, I love them all!!!
Heather & Mike


Oh, Kristy, the photos are amazing! We just looked through them all once and they are gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever liked so many photos of myself out of a batch in my life.

I love that the photo that you chose for the case cover is one of the prints that we ordered… and that we picked it independently of each other! I posted the photos on Facebook and on my blog and all my friends are raving about them. As they should be!

Jessica & Torsten


Emily’s Dad and I are very impressed with the pictures.  We can hardly wait
to see the rest.  You did a great job-of course you had a beautiful bride to
work with.

D’Anne V.


Hi Kristy,
Thank you thank you thank you! We are so glad that you were our photographer for our wedding. We got lots of great compliments from everyone about the pics you put on the little ceremony slide show and they can’t wait to see more! I realized that your job is really hard but that you rock at it. My folks thought you were great. Now if we can just get them to stop saying, “why are you so far away in that one? we like the ones where we can see your faces..” hehe.

I hope things are going well for you, I know you are superbusy. We aren’t in a rush for pics and would love to take you out for another beer when/ if you have some free time.
Thanks for kicking ass,

Emily & Dillon


Hey Kristy!
Just wanted to let you know we got Jason’s photos last night and they turned out great!!!!  Can’t wait to see the rest!
Thank you sooo much for doing such a great job!



Kristy, they look great! Couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.
Tyler & Danielle


Dear Kristy
The book arrived!   It is just as I imagined it. Thanks so much for putting it together.
I wish Megan & Steve had digital pictures of their wedding, I would have the same thing done for their wedding.
This is fantastic.  Your pictures are amazing, really capture the essence of the moment.